Node News | BlockOrigin Capital Announces Official Entry to HPB Node Election Campaign

On July 26th, BlockOrigin Capital announced its official participation in HPB’s Node Election Campaign, in order to empower the expansion of HPB public chain and fully support the construction and future development of HPB node ecosystem.

BlockOrigin Capital promises to deliver sustained outstanding resources from its network to help cultivate HPB’s global community, and vigorously promotes HPB in the global blockchain ecology. Together they will carve out a new industrial pattern of high performance architecture meeting real-world business needs.

About BlockOrigin Capital

BlockOrigin is a frontier capital investment began in 2018 with a focus on blockchain innovation and cryptocurrencies, bringing together applications, exchanges, incubators and financial services with global market leading capabilities to construct a comprehensive ecosystem investment strategy. The 20+ investee blockchain projects aim to serve diversified needs of consumers and enterprises, and fields range from advertisement, credit rating system, digital content, entertainment, gaming, media, operating system, payment system, to computing power, infrastructure construction and the sharing economy. Our portfolio includes BlockAsia, BlockEurope, BitGuild, CNN, ContentBox, DACC, DATx, DREP, GTC, Hitchain, HPB, OCN, Qtum, Seele, Tron, Uranus, XMax, HT, BNB, OKB, FT, ABCC, BitCloud, BitForex, IconiqLab, and Piexgo Exchange. Please check out our website for more info

Through close cooperation with various partners, HPB will also open up and foster a brand new ecosystem for its commercialized public chain, and promote putting blockchain products into practice. In this way, they can contribute to the rapid development of China’s science and technology.

About HPB

HPB is a high performance permissionless public blockchain based on hardware acceleration the BOE Acceleration Engine chip drive. It is a new blockchain architecture, positioned as an easy-to-use, high-performance blockchain platform. It aims to extend the performance of distributed applications to meet real-world business needs, like gaming, social networking supply chain finance, authorization and certification traceability etc. HPB has established strategic cooperative partnerships with customers from finance and data industries and is in the process of implementing the applications. The core team of HPB boasts over 10 years’ experience in financial data, blockchain and other fields. The founder&CEO of HPB, Wang Xiaoming, is an early adopter of blockchain technology. He has aided in the establishment of the big data team of UnionPay and previously served as the former CTO of Beltal. The other core members of HPB have previous work experience in Huawei, IBM, McKinsey, UnionPay, Deloitte etc.

Up to now, many competitive participants of HPB Node Election Campaign have aroused much public attention, including but not limited to BiXin,, and the Distributed Intelligent System Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). As BlockOrigin Capital has partnered at multiple stages of growth to help its investee projects shape their characteristics and strides into new markets faster, it aims to help more applications advance to an even better blockchain future within the new HPB node ecosystem.